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1:1 Mobile Learning Program

As La Salle Prep engages in the digital learning frontier, we are committed to aligning student outcomes with Lasallian values. Our Mobile Learning Program will transform La Salle's learning environment to ensure our graduates are successful in college and careers in the 21st century.

After careful research and planning, the Mobile Learning Program launched in fall 2014, requiring all students to bring an iPad to school. We are dedicated to developing our students' digital citizenship and investing in our teachers' professional development as we transform La Salle's learning environment to address the dynamic digital 21st century classroom.

We are making every effort to assist students and families with the transition to a mobile learning environment. All students are required to complete Online Modules (posted in Schoology) that covered basic use and care of an iPad, digital citizenship, rights and responsibilities.

Message from Principal Andrew Kuffner

La Salle Prep embraces innovation in the classroom with a mobile learning program and a focus on digital citizenship, professional development and Lasallian values.

One of the core Lasallian principles calls us to ask “what do the students need?" Technology has fundamentally changed our response to this essential question. Students today must be able to critically understand and thoughtfully apply the immense amount of information that is readily available to them in today's connected world. As a result, powerful teaching and learning must change its focus from providing information to students to helping them process information efficiently and effectively.

Digital Citizenship + Acceptable Use

Based on the belief in the intrinsic value and dignity of each student, La Salle Prep provides an atmosphere that is moral, caring and joyful.

These same values are true whether students are in the building or participating in online activities. Digital Citizenship refers to the attitudes, behaviors and responsibilities of each student when using technology ethically and effectively.

With the increased emphasis of online learning, La Salle Prep is making extra efforts to teach our students how to be moral and ethical users of technology and information.

Every enrolled student is required to complete Online Modules in Schoology in order to access the school's network. Lessons about acceptable use, rights and responsibilities, and online safety are covered as well as proper use and handling of iPads. These lessons are reviewed during the summer On-Campus Boot Camp and throughout the school year in every class.

La Salle continues to focus on student formation as the school year unfolds through a program called Falcon Formation advisory period. The goals of this weekly period will be to build community, streamline communication, raise student voice and share lessons on social and emotional formation issues. Many of the lessons will focus on safe, healthy and appropriate use of technology.

We trust and expect that La Salle students will use technology on and off campus in a manner consistent with our Code of Conduct to become intellectually competent, open to growth and committed to doing good. Appropriate interventions and corrections will be made when students use the technology inappropriately or irresponsibly. Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy could result in disciplinary sanctions.


etextbooks: An important aspect of La Salle's 1:1 mobile learning program

La Salle Prep is committed to securing etextbooks for most classes next year so that students will be able to use their iPads for course materials. Teachers have spent considerable time this school year reviewing and selecting etextbook options for their classes. These textbooks are from a variety of different publishers and available in various formats: iBooks (iTunes store), Kno Textbooks, Pearson etext, non-fiction books purchased with Kindle app for iPad or Google Play Store, and etextbooks by specific publishers.

Once the student schedules are complete in early summer and shared with families, La Salle will make the textbook list available on the La Salle Prep website. This listing will include: course, title, author, price, format and a direct link of where to purchase the etextbook. iBooks can be purchased in the iTunes App Store. Families can purchase an iTunes gift card for their child and load the value onto an iTunes account to purchase iBooks and apps. Families might consider a family iTunes account to purchase etextbooks to share books with siblings but then each individual child can have their own iTunes account for personal use. Families will need to coordinate credit card purchases with their son/daughter for books that need to be purchased by specific publishers, Kindle store (Amazon) or the Google Play store.

Most textbooks fall between the $15 - $25 range except for some of the specialty AP etextbooks which are priced more like college-level textbooks. There is no need to purchase the materials too early. It is better to wait until the student's schedule has been confirmed before purchasing books because you are buying them direct from the publishers. La Salle Prep will not be responsible for refunds if your child changes classes.

The La Salle Prep Library has invested in numerous digital resources to support the 1:1 mobile learning initiative. This includes digital databases, non-fiction and reference eBooks, links to free Project Gutenburg ebooks in our Destiny Library catalog, video tutorials for specific apps and iPad procedures, and more. Many teachers will also provide course materials through Schoology, use Google Apps for productivity tools or may require specific apps for class.

All incoming students will be required to complete Online Modules (posted in Schoology) that will cover basic use and care of an iPad, digital citizenship, rights and responsibilities. The modules will also cover steps students should take to prepare their iPad for the first day of school. These modules will be available beginning in early June.

All incoming students will also be required to attend a 3 hour On-Campus Boot Camp in August. Click here to register for one of the sessions.

Students should bring their iPad to the Boot Camp to register their device with La Salle's mobile device management system and set up appropriate accounts like email, Schoology, Google Apps,etc.

Using etextbooks is an important component to the success of our 1:1 mobile learning program. Please contact Mario De Ieso if you have further questions.

Additional information can be found in section below, "Information Night Presentations and Information."

How will this program transform learning at La Salle?

1. Teachers continuously assess student learning and provide immediate feedback. Using interactive presentation apps, such as Nearpod, teachers can present information to students while imbedding videos, websites, and polls into presentations. Additionally, teachers can respond to questions or solve problems and receive student data immediately. Polling, quizzing and data collection apps and platforms allow for teachers to instantly see student understanding and progress. Our Learning Management System, Schoology, allows for student – teacher communication beyond the class period. Students submit work online, receive feedback from teachers, access curriculum resources and collaborate with peers.

2. Student learning is individualized through engaging resources. Reading apps and platforms provide teachers with a bank of informational texts (news articles) that address a variety of disciplines. Teachers can predetermine the reading level for each student and use assessment tools to check for reading comprehension. Through flipped instruction, students can access the content to be mastered through teacher-created videos focused on a specific skill or concept. More class time is spent coaching students on skill development and guiding their practice. Teachers become available to work with students who need extra time or further explanation to understand concepts. iPads in the classroom allow for unlimited resources for teachers and students. As a result, the opportunities for student choice increases. Teachers and students are no longer bound to the same resource to understand a concept or deliver a skill. With iPads, teachers can now provide access to learning through many different media and students can represent their understanding in various ways. Electronic resources, including iBooks and ebooks incorporate videos and interactive tools to engage students.

3. Lectures are minimized; doing is emphasized. Due to unlimited access of information, teachers can now focus on what students should DO with the information. Often, this means asking students to analyze and evaluate information and apply their understanding in a variety of contexts. Students will be in control of their learning as they engage in inquiry-based projects. The teacher role becomes that of facilitator or coach. Contact Alanna O'Brien for additional information about the Mobile Learning Environment at La Salle.

Purchasing Options

Which iPad do I buy?
La Salle recommends the following configuration considerations for your iPad purchase:

  1. Device Type: Purchase an iPad Air or later generation iPad to ensure technical
    compatibility and support. Older models may not support necessary software.
  2. Minimum Storage Capacity: Students will need at least 32GB to ensure adequate
    storage capacity for all school-related electronic resources and applications. 64GB is recommended if purchasing a new iPad.
  3. Wi-Fi only vs. Wi-Fi + Cellular: La Salle recommends Wi-Fi only devices based on
    the availability of high speed Wi-Fi both at home and at school.
  4. New vs. Used: Families are welcome to make a purchase based on their needs.

Questions? e-mail us at

Professional Development + Best Practices

La Salle has invested considerable time and resources into ensuring a successful launch of the Mobile Learning Program in fall 2014. Some of our efforts include:

  • iPad training has been integrated into our professional development mornings.
  • While this training involves some basic introductions to apps and workflow considerations, teachers are primarily encouraged to integrate technology to support student learning.
  • IPad training is integrated into the larger academic initiatives of the school which include teams of teachers working collaboratively to plan lessons and assessments that align with the standards and goals of their courses.
  • Teachers are excited about the opportunity to use the iPad to individualize instruction, provide immediate feedback, and access engaging resources for instruction.

Information Night Presentations /Resources / FAQ

Why 1:1?

View our Padlet wall:

Read our Vision Document.

Information Night Presentations and Information

The La Salle administration and faculty presented a 1:1 mobile learning informational night for parents on April 15, 2014.

The evening began with a presentation by Principal Andy Kuffner that was a brief history of our process to date and a timeline of implementation leading up to next fall.

Alanna O'Brien gave an overview of what does teaching and learning look like in the 21st century.

Parents then had a choice to attend two of four sessions:

Above and below you will find links to many of the slides presented at the Information Night. Please note that some of these are large files.

Parent Infomation Night

How Did We Get Here?

Customizable Device Contract (Mirror)

iPads at La Salle video
(filmed, edited, and produced with an iPad)

Additional Resources

Learn about iPads in education.

Read about LearnLabs.

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