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Discover La Salle.
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Exceptional Academics.
Transformational Opportunities.
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Inspiring Core Values.
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Together, we soar!

Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.

Discover the La Salle Difference.

At La Salle Catholic College Prep, we offer an exceptional academic experience and extensive co-curricular opportunities for students who wish to push their limits and pursue their interests.  Here, our students learn more about themselves, others and the world around them through participation and experience. La Salle graduates are confident and compassionate, fully prepared for college and life. 



Faith & Service



Why La Salle?

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Parent Testimonial Kerry Hanline

My favorite thing about La Salle is the tight community connection that all the students, faculty and alumni have with one another. La Salle provided my children with a strong education [and] an amazing high school experience and for that, I will forever be grateful.  Kerry Hanline, Alumni Parent ('19)

Student Testimonial Nyah Torbert '22

When I first started at La Salle, I was that shy kid who sits in the back working quietly. At La Salle, I have found my voice and my purpose, which will serve me far into the future. If only I knew back then that I would never be alone once I stepped through these doors. Nyah Torbert '22

Parent Testimonial Wendy Lawton

As a parent, we want our kids to develop strong relationships with caring adults. La Salle is full of caring adults. My daughter was surrounded by terrific teachers, inspiring role models, and compassionate guides throughout her four years at the school. Her intellect, her confidence, and her empathy grew exponentially at La Salle.  Wendy Lawton, Alumni Parent ('21)

Student Testimonial Onni Barron '23

La Salle teachers understand that success is about more than just passing grades; they constantly challenge students to develop critical thinking and work through roadblocks that seem insurmountable. To say that my teachers have shaped my high school experience is an understatement.  Onni Barron `23