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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

As a Lasallian Catholic institution, La Salle Prep is committed to becoming an anti-racist community. This section contains resources to engage in the important and necessary work about learning and fully understanding our own racial identities, discussing systematic and institutional racism, and developing an action plan for dismantling these systems.

La Salle Catholic College Preparatory inspires students to find their voice as global citizens, to put their faith into action, and to lead exceptional lives of integrity, honoring the God-given dignity of all.

As the banners in our school state, we believe in a quality education, respect for all persons, inclusive community, faith in the presence of God, social justice, and concern for the poor.

Self-portrait by Stella Sablan '20

Prayer to Overcome Racism
Mary, friend and mother to all,
through your Son, God has found a way
to unite himself to every human being,
called to be one people,
sisters and brothers to each other.
We ask for your help in calling on
your Son,
seeking forgiveness for the times when
we have failed to love and respect
one another.
We ask for your help in obtaining from
your Son
the grace we need to overcome the evil
of racism
and to build a just society.

We ask for your help in following your Son,
so that prejudice and animosity
will no longer infect our minds or hearts
but will be replaced with a love
that respects
the dignity of each person.

Mother of the Church,
the Spirit of your Son Jesus
warms our hearts:
pray for us.

Copyright © 2018, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, DC. All rights reserved.

La Salle Affinity & Allyship Groups

Affinity groups support La Salle’s development of cultural competence and acknowledge the human dignity of all as well as living the stated values of the school: Respect for all persons and inclusive community.

These student-run groups offer a space for students to discuss their experiences among peers who share a common identity. Through these organizations, students develop self-awareness, gain cultural knowledge, problem-solve social interactions, and build communities of support.

Affinity and allyship groups that support participants and build a strong, culturally competent La Sallian community where people thrive and have a strong sense of belonging:


La Salle’s work to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, education, and awareness continues. Other initiatives include:

  • La Salle developed a committee of ethical, culturally competent, and visionary individuals to serve as members of the Inclusion Committee. The purpose of the Inclusion Committee is to advance and promote La Salle Prep’s commitment to diversity, equity,  inclusion and belonging throughout the school.
  • La Salle Equity leaders, parents, and students worked with our leadership team to create a school-wide Equity Statement that guides the development of diverse, anti-racist curriculum, direct the revision and creation of school policies and practices, steer institutional decision-making, and support students in their experiences at La Salle.
  • La Salle's Inclusion Committee is working on the creation of an equity lens that will provide guidance in the development and revision of policies, programs and curriculum.

Inclusion Committee

The purpose of the Inclusion Committee is to advance and promote La Salle Prep’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging throughout the school. This commitment is articulated in our Lasallian mission and core values with an emphasis on the values of Inclusion and Social Justice. The committee will partner with the administrative team in developing goals and strategic initiatives surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging work.

As Catholic Lasallian school, we recognize that building a diverse and inclusive community is essential. To that end, the Inclusion Committee ensures alignment between our Mission and Core Values, all of our strategic initiatives, and ensures adequate resources are allocated to meet our stated goals.

The Committee, made up of current students, parents, faculty/staff, and alumnae/i, reviews the School’s initiatives in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and will monitor key performance indicators, and propose major initiatives to support those goals. 

La Salle articulates its commitment to diversity and inclusive community as follows:       

  • Embraces and celebrates a diversity of people, voices, and perspectives.
  • Develops intercultural communication skills.
  • Regularly evaluates and strengthens the school's practices of equity and inclusion.
  • Understands historical privilege and power inequities, and challenges norms and systems that perpetuate exclusion.

Email Mario Garza with any questions.

Meet our Director of Equity & Inclusion

Mario Garza

Mario Garza

Director of Equity and Inclusion, Counselor - San Miguel Scholars