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Lasallian Resources

There are no easy answers, but our faith can be an important lens through which to analyze these realities and that helps us to discern the steps towards social action. The following are resources from a Catholic, Jesuit perspective–including some reflections from communities mentioned above themselves.

This list, which is not exhaustive, includes:

Learn with Us

As a Lasallian Catholic institution, we believe in the sanctity of human life and that the dignity of every person must be valued and preserved. Our faith is a lens through which we can explore racial equity and determine the steps towards social action.

It is important to examine the critical difference between being non-racist and anti-racist, and to consider what that means in the context of faith and justice. Being anti-racist doesn’t mean that you always have the answers or possess all the knowledge. It does however, require action and work against racism and oppression. This process begins with you. Below is a list of resources to engage in this work and is by no means exhaustive.

If you feel overwhelmed and are uncertain where to start, we recommend beginning with the 21-Day Ignatian Racial Equity Challenge. The Ignatian Racial Equity Challenge is designed for all participants, regardless of race, ethnicity, prior anti-racism work, age or background and will include opportunities to learn, pray, and act on different themes of racial equity.