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World Languages Department

La Salle Prep offers three languages representing rich world cultures. The World Languages Department believes that awareness of other cultures and their influence upon our society is a necessary step toward recognition and tolerance within the world community.

Communication is paramount to international and interpersonal relations. The knowledge of languages and of cultural information enables the student to better understand and evaluate global issues, and to better implement the Christian principles as expressed in the school philosophy.

Upon completion of the La Salle World Language curriculum, a student will be able to:

  • Appreciate cultures and understand languages of the modern world.
  • Proficiently communicate in the target language according to national and state standards.
  • Connect classroom learning to world needs.

Students who complete the third- and fourth-year language curriculum have the opportunity to earn college credit in partnership with the Oregon University System.

La Salle students have traveled to Spain, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, France, Quebec, and Germany. On their journeys, students learn about culture, take classes, and practice their languages. In some cases, students live with local families so they can experience home life in another country.

World Languages Courses

Teacher and three students working together around a table