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Academic Support


La Salle Catholic College Preparatory believes that students learn best when they have appropriate opportunities for success. Our overriding goal is to provide a holistic and Christian education in the Catholic Lasallian tradition. As a college preparatory school, La Salle Prep adheres to a college preparatory curriculum and code of conduct for its students. In light of our mission, curriculum, and resources; and consistent with applicable law, La Salle Prep provides targeted academic accommodations for students with diagnosed mild to moderate learning differences or physical or mental health challenges in order to help students succeed academically, spiritually, and personally.


La Salle offers Essential courses in core academic areas including English, Math, and Science.  The Essential courses are designed to cover the fundamental concepts in a smaller class setting with additional support provided as needed to be successful in the college preparatory curriculum.

La Salle also offers a Study Lab course.  This course is designed to help students maximize their academic abilities by learning and applying organization skills. Students will improve their ability to take notes, review for quizzes and tests, manage their workload, and organize materials for all classes.  Students will learn how to self-advocate by asking questions in class, emailing teachers with questions, and getting extra help when needed.  Additionally, they will become more independent by improving their organizational skills through prioritizing and tracking their work in an academic planner or calendar.   

Support Team

The Student Support Team, composed of administrators, counselors, and the academic support specialist, manages and plans interventions to address academic, emotional, and health barriers to learning.   The Student Support Team coordinates with teachers to employ interventions that support the success of all students.   

Academic Support Specialist

La Salle’s academic support specialist will partner with students, parents, administrators, teachers and counselors to support students with their learning needs.  From coordinating peer tutor support, assisting in academic planning, or implementing academic accommodation plans, the academic support specialist will be available to all students to help them utilize the many resources available to them.  

Academic Accommodations commonly supported by La Salle:

  • Alternative setting testing, as arranged in advance with teacher and counselor/learning specialist
  • Extended time (50%) on tests, quizzes, and in class assignments, as pre-arranged with teacher
  • Regular check-ins with teacher to confirm understanding of instruction and content
  • Use iPad or other learning tools to assist understanding 
  • Extra time for processing information during class
  • Preferential seating
  • Scaffolded instruction to build on previous knowledge and content
  • Clear, concise instructions broken down into steps for larger projects and assignments

The Student Support Team will work with students to strengthen their self advocacy skills given that this is an essential component of college success. La Salle is not able to provide private or individual testing, modifications to the curriculum or learning environment, and/or support for students who perform significantly below grade level.  This list is not comprehensive but gives a picture of what resources we are not able to provide at La Salle.  We do encourage families to reach out with questions or concerns about specific accommodations. 

 Additional supports available:

  • Relationship with North Clackamas School District
  • Scheduled Academic Support Flex Time
  • Academic Contracts / Grade In Progress Form (as needed)
  • Peer Tutor Program- Drop-In tutoring 
  • Accommodations for PSAT, SAT and ACT as approved by College Board and ACT
  • La Salle Oregon Diploma
  • Peer Tutoring Program



  • Provide the learning specialist with written medical diagnosis documentation within three years that supports the need for an academic accommodation plan. 

 NOTE: Each academic accommodation plan will be reviewed on an annual basis by the academic support specialist, student, parent/guardian, and the student’s counselor.

For More Information Contact:

Shannon Woodworth

Academic Support Specialist