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Forecasting Guidance

Nervous about Forecasting?

Take a deep breath and take in the wisdom from La Salle's Counseling Team

We want to make sure that, as students choose classes, they make wise choices in relation to the colleges they may be considering. Although we are cautious about giving one-size-fits-all advice, it is important to note that colleges are paying attention to the level of challenge in students' schedules.

Colleges want to know that a student has challenged themself in each subject based on ability and what's offered. Of course, it's also important for students to consider what they can manage. Also, we want to help students find opportunities to take electives.

Below are answers to questions students often ask when choosing classes. Contact your counselor if you have more questions.

Forecasting Resources

Please note: resources and links are grade-specific. To view resources for your grade, please select the tab for your class.

Forecasting FAQs