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Letters of Recommendation

Instructions for Teacher Letter of Recommendation Requests

Teachers are honored to support students’ college applications by writing letters of recommendation. In an ideal world, you would ask someone who teaches a core subject, who taught you recently and who knows you well.  

  1. At least ONE MONTH in advance, ask your teacher in person if they would write a letter of recommendation for you. 
  2. If they agree, ask if they would like you to fill out the standard form that lives in your SCOIR account or if they prefer their own process. Your teacher will only be able to view your responses in the Teacher Rec Form as they are writing their letter. 
  3. In your SCOIR account, click on My Colleges and then Application Documents (upper right in blue). Click Request Recommendation and add a teacher by name.
  4. You can access the Teacher Rec form in your SCOIR account under “ME”. Click on Surveys.
  5. Fill out the form thoughtfully and with as much detail as possible. This will make it much easier for your teacher to write an effective, personalized letter that reflects who you are as a student and a person. 
  6. THANK your teachers! Write them a note expressing your gratitude for their help. If you need stationary, please stop by the College Counseling Office.

*For students who need more than one recommendation letter, please fill out a teacher rec form for each letter as needed. Choose “Teacher 1” and “Teacher 2” as appropriate.

Counselor Letter of Recommendation Request Form
  1. Confirm that the colleges you are applying to require a counselor letter of recommendation (many colleges only require teacher recommendations and do not require counselor recommendations)
  2. Send an email to your counselor requesting they write you a letter of recommendation for a college application.
  3. Once your counselor has confirmed your request, please complete the form below for your counselor. 
  4. Your counselor will then schedule a recommendation interview with you to review your completed form.
  5. Request letters at least three weeks before the college application deadline.

LSP Counselor Rec Form