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Comprehensive School Counseling Program

La Salle Prep’s Counseling Department is committed to helping students realize their potential as they enter an ever-changing and demanding society. The counseling staff provides services that respect and honor the needs and dignity of each student. The services contribute to the development of the total person in a Christian academic community. Counselors help students succeed academically, make informed choices about their lives, navigate through personal problems that may affect their achievement, motivation or self-image, and develop an individualized college plan.


La Salle counselors help students discover and maximize their academic and social strengths so that they are prepared for college and life beyond high school. 

Family Communication


Our Approach

The Counseling Department is committed to:

  • Helping all students succeed academically
  • Helping students make informed choices about their lives
  • Helping students with personal/social problems that may affect their achievement, motivation, or self-image
  • Helping students develop an individualized college plan
  • Providing resources for external mental health support for students who could benefit from ongoing therapy

We provide opportunities for students to grow in the following areas:

  • Study skills, goal setting, self advocacy, understanding transcripts, and utilizing support services
  • Exploring resources for school and community involvement
  • Understanding the connection between current academic achievement and future college and career goals
  • Communication skills and healthy relationships and boundary setting
  • Mindfulness, self-awareness, and dealing with stress 
  • Social media smarts
  • Everyday adult living skills
  • Career interest inventories and the connection between career interests, classes, and jobs
  • College fit inventories and building a balanced college list
  • College application process, resumes, financial aid, and scholarships
  • Preparing for college life


Counselors are available to meet with students individually by appointment. The counseling department has a daily counselor on-call for students to access for urgent needs. Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to their counselor if they have questions, concerns, or need support.

Meet Our Counselors

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Michelle Berry



Kevin Doyle



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Madeleine Hanley

College Counselor