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2021 Strength and Conditioning Programming

La Salle is partnering with Providence Sports Medicine for performance training this summer. Our Strength and Conditioning Program will officially begin on June 14 and end on August 12. Included below are special services students can purchase to better structure and enhance their performance training this summer. In general, the fitness center will be available for student use Monday through Thursday during morning hours and in the afternoon & evening by appointment only. Supervision is a strict requirement; therefore appointments must be scheduled and approved in advance by La Salle coaches and/or the athletic office. 

Performance Programming (through online platform):  An 8-week subscription provides student athletes a comprehensive strength & conditioning program designed by a performance specialist and is delivered via an app on a phone or tablet. The program is geared toward a primary sport or fitness focus, covering 5 to 6 days a week of strengthening, power development, speed, acceleration, change of direction, agility, mobility, general fitness, and sport-relevant conditioning.

Students do not need to be involved with any particular sport. Programming is available for students engaged in PE, weight training, or anyone who wants help or guidance in developing their physical fitness with sound programming. All students who subscribe to Performance Programming will receive a Nike Dri-Fit La Salle Falcons athletic t-shirt. 

  • $50 for 8 weeks/student

In-Person GROUP Performance Sessions:  For students who have subscribed to Performance Programming, Providence and La Salle Coaches will also provide the ability to participate in guided strength and conditioning sessions in-person at La Salle. This is limited to groups of up to 30 athletes (at a time) who sign up for this added service, with emphasis given to on-field instruction for performance skills or in-person instruction for strengthening exercise technique. It is not meant to be perceived as “individualized, 1 on 1 programming”, but the intention would be to offer coaching to groups of students at these in-person sessions. These in-person GROUP performance sessions would be a limited offering and an additional cost to Performance Programming. Providence sessions will occur Mondays & Wednesdays and La Salle Coaches will be on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Please choose one session (M/W or T/Th).  June 14 - August 12.

  • $100/student for up to 16 sessions (to be offered M-Th mornings)

Movement Assessment: Providence will provide one baseline movement screen where the athlete is given an individualized corrective exercise program to be completed as part of their warm ups prior to activities. This movement screen is intended to help athletes work on key areas of movement mechanics, stability and mobility that will help address specific deficiencies that might put them at increased risk of injury. Dates for movement assessments will be communicated after the registration period ends on June 10 and will be completed in June at the discretion of Providence and La Salle staffs.

  • $25/screen for each athlete subscribed to the monthly Performance Programming
  • $50/screen for each athlete not subscribed to the monthly Performance Programming


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