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Volunteering at La Salle

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Volunteer activities at La Salle typically fall into two main categories: parent-led activities and school-led activities. The categories are based on the general level of involvement of parent volunteers in organization and execution. Below are short explanations and listings of the types of events and activities requiring volunteers that fall in each category.

Parent-Led Activities:

Many activities throughout the year are driven by parent volunteers with limited support from school staff. Examples of these include the Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dances, Senior Breakfast, Senior Grad Party, Booster Club, and Drama Mamas & Papas.

School-Led Activities:

School-wide fundraising activities and select support activities remain under the direct leadership of school staff but require volunteer support. Examples of these are activities and events are the Walkathon, Believe Benefit Dinner, Yulefest, Cafeteria Helpers, and Computer Lab/Library Assistants.


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