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2019-20 AP Exams Payment

Please complete the form below to make a payment for your student's AP Exams.

Questions? Please contact Liz Staggs at lstaggs@lsprep.org.

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Payment for AP Exams

Price: $145.00

Your student may qualify for AP Exam fee reduction: $93.00 per exam (includes late order fee of $40 per exam).

Criteria for Schools:

Students are eligible for the AP Exam fee reduction on all AP Exams they take in a given year if:

  • Their family’s income is at or below 185% of the poverty level issued annually by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (See chart below)
  • They qualify as an “identified student” because they are:
    • In foster care or Head Start
    • Homeless or migrant
    • Living in households that receive SNAP/Food Stamps, TANF cash assistance, or the Food Distribution on Indian Reservations benefits.
    • The student is enrolled in a federal, state, or local program that aids students from low-income families (e.g., Federal TRIO programs such as Upward Bound).
    • The student’s family receives public assistance.
    • The student lives in federally subsidized public housing or a foster home or is homeless.
    • The student is a ward of the state or an orphan.


income chart for reduced cost AP exams


Price: $93.00
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