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Play Golf for the Alumni Association (PGAA) Donation

Please help us to continue to provide scholarships, fund the endowment, and invest in campus development projects, like the new Saalfeld Athletic Center, by giving to the Alumni Association directly by way of the La Salle PGAA effort, in lieu of tournament play. Thank you!

Although you will not receive a round of golf, your PGAA gift to the Alumni Association will support La Salle’s students and the school in many ways. In recognition, we will send a sleeve La Salle golf balls, generously provided by our Annual Business Sponsors, for you and/or your “teammates” to play with on any course any time throughout the summer. We hope you will take the opportunity to gather with members of your La Salle network. 

Beginning on August 17, we will have drawings for fun prizes, and announce them throughout the week. You will receive four drawing entries for “participating” in the PGAA as a foursome and one entry for “participating” in the PGAA as an individual.

BONUS: Send us photos of you and/or your teammates playing with the La Salle golf balls to: alumni@lsprep.org. We will post on social media throughout the summer until August 17 and you will be entered in the drawing again! We can’t wait to see and share them.

We are deeply grateful for your support of La Salle and the Alumni Association; it makes a difference to students, families and the entire school community! 

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Participation Levels

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"Sponsorship" Opportunities

Eagle Sponsor - $5,000  $2,500 - (1 available)

Birdie Sponsor - $3,750 $1,875  - (1 available)

Beverage Cart Sponsor - $1000  $500 - (2 available)

Hole in One Sponsor - $500 $250 - (1 available)

KP Sponsor - $500 $250 - (1 available)

Longest Drive Sponsor - $500 $250  - (1 available)

Tee Sponsor - $350 $175 - (17 available)

Sponsors will receive La Salle golf balls, and your logo will appear on all electronic communications for the golf event, as well on the letter that gets mailed out with golf balls.

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Price: $1,875.00
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Price: $500.00
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Price: $250.00
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Price: $250.00
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Price: $250.00
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Price: $175.00
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