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2020 Yuletide Chess Tournament Registration

Join us for the 2020 VIRTUAL Yuletide Chess Tournament on Saturday, December 12. Players should log on by 8:30 am. $25 per player. Price increases after Dec. 6.


5-round Swiss Paired, G/30 (30 minutes per player, no delay). Participants will compete in sections based on grade level, with pairings based on Lichess Classical Rating. Unrated players will be assigned ratings based on their grade. Passwords for each section will be emailed one day before the tournament.


Players should use a computer or laptop (not a tablet or phone) with a webcam. We will not be able to provide support for players using tablets or phones. Prizes will not be given to players who play without video. Players must also have a Lichess Account, which can be created for free at lichess.org. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure their equipment functions properly through the duration of the tournament.


Fair Play

Players must read and agree to the OSCF Fair Play Agreement. Games will be monitored by video and reviewed after the tournament for irregularities. Players who break the agreement may face forfeiture of games, expulsion from the tournament, and sanctions by OSCF, lichess.org, and US Chess.


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