La Salle senior picked for Rose Festival Court

Senior Class president Olivia Keepes '19 has been selected as the Metro East area's "princess" on the Portland Rose Festival Court this year.
Olivia was named during a ceremony on Tuesday, March 5, at The Standard Insurance Center in Portland. She was selected from four finalists, all of whom submitted biographies, participated in interviews, and gave speeches.
Olivia, who aspires to be a nurse, is one of 15 Portland Metro-area high schoolers who will serve as Rose Festival princesses this year. As part of "the court" - as the princesses are collectively known - Olivia will visit hospitals, businesses, senior centers, youth organizations, and civic groups. She'll also appear in at least four parades - including the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade - receive a $3,500 scholarship, and get paired with a mentor.
She'll also automatically be in contention to be the festival's queen, who will be selected from among the princesses based on leadership, scholastic achievement, activities, civic involvement, volunteer work, communication skills, and overall impression.
"I am really excited to grow not just as an individual but as a member of my community," said Olivia shortly after her crowning. "I am excited about all the opportunities this program is providing me."
She will be the first La Salle student in recent memory - if ever - to serve on Portland's Rose Festival Court.
"It is definitely a testament to the work La Salle does," Olivia said of her selection. "...there is so much that the community has taught me that I could never get anywhere else."
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