Lasallian wins prestigious OSU award

Tuesday's third period started with big news: Lenora Mathis '19 has earned a Presidential Scholarship to Oregon State University. As a recipient, Lenora will get up to $40,000 toward undergraduate studies at OSU. 
OSU Admissions rep Jarrod Larse delivered the news in person to Lenora, her family, her classmates, and several La Salle staffers by going to Lenora's English class, where he made the announcement just after prayer.
"It is our most prestigious award," said Larse, explaining that the school of nearly 30,000 is awarding only 87 Presidential Scholarships this year.
Photos: Lenora gets congratulations from her parents, Patrick and Elizabeth Mathis, counselor Nancy Orr, and OSU's Admissions rep Jarrod Larse.
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