Academic showcase, choir and guitar concert TONIGHT

Ryan Fahlman-Katler '19 created this artwork to promote the Academic Showcase.
La Salle will host the 2nd Annual La Salle Prep Academic Showcase 6-8 pm on campus Wednesday, May 23.
The evening will celebrate a year of learning with demonstrations, presentations, and displays of students' work. The choir and guitar concert will start at 7 pm, giving families time to attend the showcase before the first musical number.

"Faculty and staff will share the work of all students while also recognizing the outstanding caliber of work being accomplished at La Salle Prep," said Mario DeIeso, Vice Principal of Academics.

In addition to showcasing work across all disciplines, each of La Salle’s academic departments will honor students who have demonstrated outstanding effort and achievement in their studies.

The first showcase was held last year in lieu of the traditional Academic Awards Ceremony in the gym. Instead of giving out awards during a lengthy ceremony as in years past, teachers awarded them to students during the showcase. Honored students' names also were printed on signs posted all over the school.

"We made this shift because we want the evening to be not only a celebration of grades but a celebration of learning and growth," said Alanna O'Brien, Vice Principal of Curriculum and Professional Development. "We want the community to see the work, not just the G.P.A."  

Photo: During last year's Academic Showcase, many students demonstrated what they had learned. 
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