Students fund groups that help young adults cope with stress

Members of La Salle's Student Council have awarded $13,200 to nonprofits that provide mental health resources to people ages 14 to 21.
The students' generosity stemmed from their participation in CommuniCare, a year-long program of the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation that teaches students about philanthropy through grant-making.
The students raised $1,200 for the program by selling Italian sodas during dances, offering snacks during the Empathy Week Film Festival, and getting $1 from every ticket sold to the Homecoming Dance. They then pooled their funds with a gift from the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation, which pitched in $10 for every $1 dollar the students brought in.
The students said they wanted to support groups that provide mental health resources to people ages 14-21 because they felt that stress and anxiety are two of the main issues troubling high school students today.
After researching and meeting with several Oregon nonprofits dedicated to helping youth, the students awarded the funds to the following organizations:
  • The Dougy Center $2,000
  • Trillium Family Services - Chrysalis Program $2,000
  • My Voice Music $3,400
  • The Inn Home $2,000
  • Kinship House $2,000
  • St. Agatha (counseling center) $500
  • La Salle Service Club – to assist Rose Haven $300
  • La Salle Mental Health Club – to cover cost "Angst" screening $1,000
The students announced their grants during a ceremony this week at the Oregon Historical Society in Portland.
In its 21st year in Oregon, CommuniCare provides young adults with a way to understand philanthropy, learn about volunteerism, and appreciate the community's needs.

"We hope to encourage them to become active adult citizens in their communities," the organization said on its website.
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