2019-20 student schedules now available

Schedules for the 2019-20 school year are now on PowerSchool.

The schedules are available only on the desktop version of PowerSchool until Sept. 4, when students will be able to access schedules through the PowerSchool App.

The scheduling of academic courses and the creation of class schedules are based on student requests and availability. Schedules may be changed due to a hole in the schedule, a missing class, a placement error, or other errors. To request a change, use the Schedule Change Request Form.

The booklist is also available.

Students who have questions about their schedules may contact their counselors, listed below:

*  Maritza Mendez MMendez@lsprep.org last names A-B grades 9-12 plus San Miguel Scholars

*  Nancy Orr NOrr@lsprep.org last names All M-Q plus 9-10-11 R’s

*  Renee Giesemann RGiesemann@lsprep.org  last names C-F

*  Kerri Kelvin KKelvin@lsprep.org last names G-L

*  Seth Altshuler SAltshuler@lsprep.org, last names 12th grade R’s and all S-Z

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