Class of 2020 takes Heroic Vow

Members of the Class of 2020 reached a milestone in their lives at La Salle on Wednesday: They took the Heroic Vow.
As the seniors stood in the gym facing a portrait of St. John Baptist De La Salle, each of them  pledged to serve as big brothers and sisters to younger students, then answered "I will" to several questions posed by Director of Faith Gary Hortsch:
  • "Will you remember the presence of God, value the individual, accept everyone, and respect all persons?"
  • "Will you call upon the virtue of zeal and push your limits to respond to the poor and overcome injustice?"
  • "Will you continue to prepare for life by utilizing the quality education you have received and continue to seek out the truth in all things?"
After making their pledges, each senior received a medal.
The Heroic Vow assembly is one of the most cherished traditions at La Salle. It is named after the promise De La Salle and two Christian Brothers made in 1691 to keep educating children despite misappropriation of money and losing support from family, superiors, and half of the brothers.
Instead of abandoning their work, De La Salle and the brothers vowed to continue, even if meant they had “to beg for alms and live on bread alone.”
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