Musicians selected for elite clinic

Four La Salle musicians have been selected to attend the Western International Band Clinic in Seattle this weekend. The students are Josh Deng 21, who plays flute, Mattea Felder '21, who plays bass clarinet, Nyah Torbert '22, who plays alto saxophone,  and Reid Lindsay 22, a percussionist.

In its 42nd year, the clinic draws more than 600 students from all 50 states and all over the world. Each of the musicians will join one of four 150-student bands.  

"This is a setting they might not experience until college so this event is a huge opportunity for any student wanting to continue playing their instrument through college,” said band director John Donnelly, who will attend the event with his students.  

Students auditioned for the bands and were selected based on their tone, technique, and musicality. During the weekend they will be directed by noted composer and conductors Robert W. Smith, Ray Cramer, Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, and others. Students also will play with the Boston Brass Ensemble.

“This is one of many steps into the world of professional music where students will interact and develop relationships with other musicians for the rest of their lives,” said Donnelly.

This will be Felder second time attending the honor band.

“The bands are so diverse and come from different backgrounds," said Mattea. "WIBC inspires me to understand that music is a universal language.”

“I like that everybody has a focus and drive at this event," Nyah Torbert '22. "It requires you to be a top musician.”

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