Senior helps hospitalized babies

Though babies cannot read, Abby Baines ’20 understands how crucial books can be to their development.

That’s why she volunteers with Babies with Books. The nonprofit gives books to families with newborns in Randall Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit so parents can read to their infants, who are often too fragile to touch or hold.

“Reading books helps the NICU babies hear a parent’s voice, and promotes bonding without physical interaction,” says Abby, who serves as BWB’s director of engagement. 

Funded by the Randall Children’s Hospital Foundation and other groups, BWB buys and gives away kids’ classics such as Corduroy, in seven languages, including English, Spanish, and Russian.

BWB’s work, says Abby, embodies many Lasallian teachings.

“St. John Baptist de La Salle believed in the power of a quality education and the importance of pushing one’s limits to prepare for the future,” she says.

Abby says she’s committed to BWB because it can help families tomorrow as well as today.

“Education,” she says, can “promote success later in life.”

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