Students honored for outstanding artwork

La Salle artists earned 23 Gold Keys, 35 Silver Keys, and 45 Honorable Mentions in the most recent regional Scholastic Art Competition. Students’ work shined in a variety of categories, such as Drawing and Illustration, Photography, Digital Art, Printmaking, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Design.  

The 23 pieces that earned Gold Keys will be considered for national recognition that includes being honored at Carnegie Hall in New York City and having their work displayed all over the U.S.

Much of the Gold Key work will be displayed Feb. 6-21 during the Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition at Pacific Northwest College of Art, 511 NW Broadway, in Portland. The opening reception, 6- 8 pm on Feb. 6, will be open to the public.

La Salle's Gold Key works, and the students who created them, are:

Call for Freedom Ceramics & Glass Helena Brinker

Poetic Cyclist Photography Ryan Cechini  

Tedium Photography Ryan Cechini

Girl on a Bus Photography Maggie Crimmins  

Envy’s Gaze Digital Art Margaret Dougherty

We’re Not Your Toys. Digital Art Margaret Dougherty  

Black Sunshine Drawing & Illustration Martinique Greer  

Mary the Bright Printmaking Annie Hoang  

School Supplies Painting Annie Hoang  

Self Portrait Painting James Kelley  

Kitchen II Drawing & Illustration James Kelley 

Life Within Death Ceramics & Glass Morgan Nebels  

Ceramic Jewelry Sculpture Morgan Nebels

Soul Drawing & Illustration Alyna Nguyen

Forgotten Flowers Sculpture Will Prentice 

Pink Room Painting Natalie Rask  

A Laugh in the Library Drawing & Illustration Stella Sablan

Vegetation within A Self Portrait Painting Stella Sablan 

Sincerity is Scary Drawing & Illustration Kaitlyn Shannon

Self Portrait Painting Kaitlyn Shannon  

The loss of relatability Drawing & Illustration Kaitlyn Shannon

Bantu Knots Ceramics & Glass Amira Tripp Folsom  

Chameleon Culture Drawing & Illustration Brook Wycoff  


The following students earned Silver Keys:

Elemental Flower Ceramics & Glass Helena Brinker

Self Portrait Painting Madeline Capps

Anna Painting Madeline Capps  

"Justice" Drawing & Illustration Madeline Capps

Blurred Faces Photography Maggie Crimmins

Plastic Ocean Photography Samantha Dillard

Floating Digital Art Margaret Dougherty

A Lily in Bloom Drawing & Illustration Mattea Felder 

A Pod of Dancing Heteronormative Whales in a World Where Gays Exist Drawing & Illustration Art J Gamble

Ripples of My Life on a Skateboard Sunset Design Sebastian Gang

Metamorphosis Painting Beatrice Johnson 

Northwest Vista Painting James Kelley

Crimson Ravarra Painting James Kelley

A Walk in the Woods Drawing & Illustration Samuel Kress

Shadow play Photography Alyna Nguyen

Coconut cutting Photography Alyna Nguyen

Dreamcatcher Printmaking Emma Olson 

Trinity of Empowerment Drawing & Illustration Gretchen Pauli

Elegant Honeycomb Drawing & Illustration Gretchen Pauli

The Traveler Design Gracelyn Rael

Martians Painting Gracelyn Rael

Lady of Fruit Drawing & Illustration Natalie Rask

Thoughts Within Drawing & Illustration Jaida Rooney 

Childhood Joy Printmaking Stella Sablan

Self Portrait Drawing & Illustration Bird Sanchez

Social Justice piece at the border Drawing & Illustration Bird Sanchez

James Printmaking Bird Sanchez

Misty Morning Drawing & Illustration Natalie Sharp 

Hide and Seek Drawing & Illustration Megan Snyder 

Life Before Life Ceramics & Glass Isabella Sprando

Kainoa Drawing & Illustration Kainoa Taylor

Police Target Practice Drawing & Illustration Amira Tripp Folsom

Speak Up Mixed Media Evan Verzosa  

Suppress The Mind Drawing & Illustration Brook Wycoff

Cultural Crossroads Painting Kierra Young


The following students earned Honorable Mention Awards:

Drawing & Illustration Victoria Azar

Mixed Media Sara Biniam

Amongst the Grass Drawing & Illustration Maggie Crimmins

Making Way For the Moon Photography Maggie Crimmins

Little Havana Markets Photography Maggie Crimmins

Stumptown Coffee Bathroom Photography Maggie Crimmins

A Day at the Fair Photography  Samantha Dillard

Pointe Shoes Photography Samantha Dillard 

Early Morning Smoke Break Digital Art  J  Gamble

Woodland Child Mixed Media Mary Hanley

The Beast Painting Mary Hanley 

Bug on a Shelf Drawing & Illustration Haley Hawkins 

Champ in the fields Drawing & Illustration Alli Heth

Thoughts In The Clouds Drawing & Illustration Kamryn Houghton 

Drawing & Illustration Andrew Keepes

Ben Painting  James Kelley 

Crimson Digital Art James Kelley 

The Light of Faces Art Portfolio James Kelley  

Peter Drawing & Illustration James Kelley   

Tears Painting Lucy Lawton 

Angst Photography Celina Massaad 

The Blues Photography Celina Massaad

Curiosity Photography Celina Massaad 

Seeing Eye Painting Alyna Nguyen 

Bloom Printmaking Alyna Nguyen 

Dancing on Glass Mixed Media Gretchen Pauli  

Deer in Grass Drawing & Illustration Lucas Pinaire 

Hidden rose Ceramics & Glass Victoria Roman-Arrieta 

Save Our Future Painting Jaida Rooney

Nature’s Threat Drawing & Illustration Stella Sablan

Chamoru Heritage Printmaking Stella Sablan

Syrian Lemons Painting Stella Sablan   

Heritage and Life Experiences Art Portfolio  Stella Sablan

Rose Garden Photography Heavenly Salcedo

Stargazer Art Portfolio Bird Sanchez

Stargazer - self-portrait of sketchbook cover Drawing & Illustration Bird Sanchez  

Slipping Ice Sculpture Charlotta Schreuder

Bless This Mess Drawing & Illustration Kaitlyn Shannon

Self Portrait Drawing & Illustration  Abby Sheets

Useful Lotus Ceramics & Glass Isabella Sprando

Princess Sparkles Drawing & Illustration Gabbi Tassinari

Mistronauts Drawing & Illustration Tyler Tran 

She Loved To Smell The Flowers Drawing & Illustration Brook Wycoff 

Mirror, Mirror On The Tree Painting Brook Wycoff  

The Initial Tree Printmaking Brook Wycoff  


A few works (on right) that earned Gold Keys:

Top: Annie Hoang '20; School Supplies

Middle: Stella Sablan '20; Self Portrait

Bottom: Maggie Dougherty '21;  Digital Painting

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