Fall back-to-school scenarios

Dear La Salle Families,

We hope you are well. This communication is to outline the two possible scenarios for starting our 2020 fall semester at La Salle. There are two schedules, one for a hybrid model and one for an online model, detailed here. After reading this email and the schedule details, you are invited to submit any questions or comments in this survey. 

Please note that on July 22, the Oregon Department of Education released updated guidelines for schools that included mask mandates and a limit to the number of people one student should come in extended contact with throughout the day. We are working through this new information and will continue to evaluate our options within this guidance and the guidance from the Clackamas Health Authority.

We are prepared with an online model if the Governor at any point requires distance learning as the only option. Our two models allow for easy transition between them and we are confident in our ability to make these transitions as the guidelines and context allow. We state with confidence that health and safety remain a high priority as we consider having students return to campus.  

Other priorities include the following:

  • meaningful learning experiences for students, experiences that include relevance, student centeredness, critical thinking, and college readiness

  • our ability to maintain a sense of community and a continued emphasis on relationships

  • continued work on equity initiatives that emphasize student support, access, and ongoing conversations around inclusion and diversity 

As we prepare for the fall semester, we are confident in our ability to provide an engaging college preparatory experience for our students in either scenario. We have considered the feedback of parents, students, and faculty in planning for the fall and continue to invest in learning opportunities and resources to remain innovative and relevant for the sake of student learning.

In addition to the schedule details, here are a few additional pieces of information:

Student Cohorts for Hybrid Model

  • Placing students into alphabetical groupings across the school allows siblings to be on the same schedule and allows us to be able to do so in an equitable manner. 

  • We will notify families of their cohort/group when schedules are released in mid-August.

  • Requests for schedule changes will be considered on a case-by-case basis once schedules are released in mid-August.   

  • Please know our top priority is to ensure we are attending to the health and safety of all of our students as well as faculty and staff. In striving to do so and to maximize our campus spaces appropriately, we may not be able to accommodate every request.

  • We have appropriate measures in place to accommodate students who are unable to come to campus and join in-person class instruction for any length of time.

Online Model:

  • At home, students will access every course digitally at least two times a week to support consistent, rigorous and comprehensive learning experience. 

  • Based on parent and student feedback, all courses will meet synchronously (via Zoom or Google Meets) for at least the beginning of class. Students will need to be present and attendance will be taken.  

  • Based on the lesson, teachers may continue instruction or learning activities online or through live stream or they may provide students independent time to work through the lesson. If so, teachers will remain online during this time for student questions and guidance.

  • Teachers will receive professional development to practice instruction through a live stream model.

  • Research on distance learning suggests that a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities allows students to build connections with teachers and classmates and allows for flexibility to learn at their own pace. We will reserve Wednesdays for asynchronous  learning with clear guidance from teachers.

Student Support

  • Our student support team has met a few times over the summer to plan for the fall.

  • We are developing tiered responses and interventions for students who need additional support, particularly when we are in a distant learning model.  

Health Protocols

More detailed information regarding on-campus health protocols will be sent home separately. Key components are listed below:

  • While on campus all students and staff will be expected to wear a face covering.

  • While on campus all students and staff will be expected to wash their hands often and/or utilize readily available hand sanitizing stations.

  • While in class, all students will maintain at least 6 feet social distance through intentional and assigned seating patterns.

    • Larger meeting spaces (library, chapel, auditorium, cafeteria) will be set up to accommodate social distancing for larger groups.

  • Hallway traffic will be adjusted and passing times have been increased to allow for additional commute time between classes.

  • Student desks will be sanitized between each use, frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day.

  • Janitorial staff will implement increased cleaning routines with deep cleaning occurring between each student group (red and blue).

  • Daily wellness checks will be adhered to for all on-campus students and staff through a new platform called SchoolPass

  • We will partner with the Clackamas Health Authority to monitor and communicate any COVID-19 cases or exposures.

    • Details of quarantine, exclusion guidelines will be sent home separately.


  • We are exploring options of pre-ordered meals and grab and go options for students. We expect to create systems that avoid students standing in lines.

  • Lunch time will include expectations for social distance with possibilities for classroom, cafeteria and outdoor eating spaces.

Athletics Update:  click here

We will continue to communicate with families and students as we move through August and anticipate a clear direction by August 13. In addition, we hope to host online information sessions for parents and students once we have confirmed which model we will follow for the beginning of the year, understanding that conditions and guidance continues to evolve.  

Please invite your student to complete this survey after sharing this information. These surveys will also be posted in Schoology for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students:

St. John Baptist de la Salle once stated: "Do not have any anxiety about the future. Leave everything in God's hands for He will take care of you." While in a different time and context, De la Salle faced much adversity as he strived to educate children in Rheims, France in the 1600s. It can be both comforting and daunting to put away our anxiety in these times and trust in God. That being said, we have much confidence in our team of Lasallian educators to thrive in facilitating rich and relevant learning opportunities for your children. Thank you for partnering with us during these difficult times.  

Many administrators will be away from work from July 24-31. We will return on Monday, August 3. Questions about the fall can be directed to one of the following administrators:


Alanna O’Brien
Curriculum & Professional Development


Mario De Ieso


Brian Devine
Student Life


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With much appreciation,

La Salle’s Academic Administration

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