La Salle offers support, prayers to those affected by fires

As smoke from area wildfires clogged the sky around campus today, Principal Alanna O'Brien offered support to those affected by the blazes.
“We pray for everyone's safety," she said. “Please reach out if we can be of assistance to your family or your student."
La Salle draws slightly more than half of its nearly 700 students from Clackamas County - including areas that have been evacuated because of the fires. Several Falcon families have members fighting fires on the frontlines.

President Andrew Kuffner said the school’s remote learning model allows students to access instruction even if they cannot attend their online classes because teachers routinely record - and post - lessons and Zoom sessions.

“Our system can help students catch up if they are evacuated from their homes and have to go somewhere else,” he said. “As long as they have an Internet connection, they can stay up to date in school.” 

La Salle also told students that teachers will understand if students find themselves unable to do schoolwork because they’re facing extreme situations. In those cases, students just need to tell their teachers what’s going on.

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