Parents invited to 'meet' staff online

La Salle’s faculty and staff will introduce themselves to students’ families in dozens of Back-to-School videos to be released the afternoon of Wednesday, Sept. 16, via a link emailed to every La Salle household.  

In the videos, the teachers, counselors, and select staffers talk about their backgrounds, philosophies, and expectations of students. Teachers discuss their course loads. Counselors share how they serve. Nearly everyone shows a few photos of their loved ones, hobbies, and pets.

The virtual introductions are being made in lieu of La Salle’s annual Back-to-School Night, in which families walk down the school's hallways to visit each of their students' teachers and counselors. Like many events, Back-to-School Night was cancelled this year because of restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The videos will be live for several weeks so families can view the online introductions at their convenience. Families are encouraged to watch the videos of all of their students’ teachers and counselors, and are welcome to watch the videos of teachers and counselors they'd like to learn more about.


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