Who are you wearing your mask for?

In an effort to remind students why it's important to wear facial masks and stay six feet apart from others during the pandemic, La Salle has launched the Mask & 6 Project.
The campaign invites Lasallians of all ages to log onto Schoology and post a photo of someone the student wants to keep safe by wearing a mask and "social distancing."
"It’s important we remember who we are masking up and maintaining distance for," said Brian Devine, Vice Principal of Student Life.
"It isn't just because the Centers for Disease Control is telling us, it isn't just because our parents are telling us, we are doing it because we all have people in our lives that we are trying to keep safe," he told a group of students during an orientation about how to be safe during the pandemic.
Devine said that he take precautions for his daughter.
"I'm wearing my mask so she can get back to school."
Kayla Erving '22 said she's happy to wear a mask for her loved ones.
"I'm wearing it for my grandparents," she said, "especially my grandma."
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