A new way to celebrate community

As La Salle enters its sixth decade of serving students with a Catholic, Lasallian education, we are excited to introduce "Forever Falcons," a two-week celebration between Founder's Day and St. La Salle Day to remember what it means to be Lasallian.
The purpose of Forever Falcons is to:
  • Celebrate La Salle, its mission and your memories
  • Recognize our amazing community of teachers, coaches, and families, past and present
  • Reconnect you with other Falcons and with the school
  • Strengthen our collective sense of school pride and connection
  • Preserve La Salle for future generations through a FalconsGive Day on May 27
During the celebration, Lasallians will share remembrances from alumni, alumni parents, teachers, and coaches as they reflect on their own La Salle experiences at Don't miss the Your Stories page to view of the wonderful videos and memories shared by alumni, alumni parents, staff and coaches.

Questions? Contact Michelle Crimmins.
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