Class of '22 gathers at sunrise

Just before dawn on Tuesday, La Salle's Class of 2022 gathered in the stadium to greet the sunrise and their last year in high school.
Through song, prayer, and speeches, they reflected on their past and looked toward their future.
Executive President Amanda Rivera, one of several student leaders who led the service, noted that the senior class is the only one at school to have spent a full academic year on campus.
"Now, you might think that as seniors, we have made it to the end and it is time for us to chill out now that we have 'done our time' in high school, but the reality is that we must take on the responsibilities of shaping La Salle to be the best it can be -- for ourselves, and for all of the other people in our community," she said.
"It is our time to redefine what being a Lasallian means. It means being a servant to those in the community, accepting everyone into our community, and ultimately uncovering more and more pieces of the amazing individuals we are every single day we walk through these hallways."
Every senior in the stadium was then invited to take a small rock painted with "2022" on one side and a word of inspiration on the other. Among the words on the rocks:
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