Alum/teacher named to Oregon Cheerleading Coaches Association Hall of Fame

Math teacher, alum, and former Falcon cheerleader Linus Oey '87 has been selected for 2022 induction into the Oregon Cheerleading Coaches Association Hall of Fame.
"We appreciate and are so thankful for all the exceptional amounts of time and energy you put in over the years to help build and grow cheerleading in Oregon," association vice president Christine Langley said in a note congratulating Oey, who will be honored during a banquet in May. Oey will be the 34th person inducted into the OCCA Hall of Fame. 
La Salle alumni and their parents flooded social media with praise when news broke of the honor.
"He was a teacher first, a coach second, and always a mentor,"  said Michelle Ricca Reid '01, who learned algebra, geometry, and cheerleading from Oey. "Oey asked the best of you and always made you feel capable and confident. He accepted nothing less than you giving everything you had to grow into the person he knew you could be."
Oey, she said, "taught me to trust. To trust in myself and the people that surrounded me in my life. I am forever grateful for my Lasallian experience as a whole, but Mr. Oey was my rock, my hero, my cheerleader. He deserves this honor and many more for the young students and athletes he has help find the best versions of themselves."
Career started at La Salle
Oey started cheering while he was a student at La Salle in the mid-1980s. Encouraged by Brother Warren Stewart, Oey and several other male athletes joined the Falcons' rally squad to do stunts.
Some opponents laughed when Oey and his buddies showed up to cheer. The heckling stopped, however, as soon as the boys started tossing teammates into the air.
"He was...a super positive person and loved trying new things — new stunts and just wanted to get better and better," said Jennifer Klein Butler '86, who cheered with Oey at La Salle. "He always made others feel good about themselves and their performance."  
After the Falcons won the state cheer title for 3A schools with large squads in 1987, Oey cheered for Oregon State. Then he started coaching La Salle cheerleaders, who won another state cheer title in 1998.
Eventually, Oey went pro as the Portland Trail Blazers' stunt coach — a title he still holds today.
Oey said he likes cheering because he likes to build stunts. He said he hopes all students are lucky enough to discover pastimes they enjoy.
"They just have to find what their heart sets them on," he said, "then pursue it with passion."
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