Upperclassmen share study tips

La Salle's Women in STEM Club shared study tips during a forum they held during Falcon Time on Friday, Jan. 12.

During the 25-minute study period, the juniors and seniors met with freshmen and sophomore girls in Ms. Carie Coleman's classroom to talk about how to prepare for exams.

Olivia Aragon '21 said she came to the session "to figure out how hard finals would be."

As she and other freshmen girls listened, the older girls gave them the lowdown and advised them on how they could succeed.

"Ask questions."
"Retype notes."
"Work on quizlets."
"Don't stress out."

The study session -- "driven by the suggestions and experiences of junior and senior women" said Coleman -- of was one of three sponsored by the Women in STEM Club during Falcon Time this semester.

The sessions have been so well attended that the club's third Finals Prep session scheduled for Friday, Jan. 19, will be held in the cafeteria. At that time, the "Sisters in STEM," as well as other successful students, will offer advice in subjects such as Algebra, Physics, Geometry, Biology, and Precalculus.

"It's taken me three years to learn how to take notes and study," said Talia Jeffrey '19. "Now that I know how to do it, it's great to help other people out."

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