Falcon Time features test prep, pancakes, and yoga

The bell rang at 10:50 am Friday, and students all over La Salle sprang into action.

This was Friday's "Falcon Time," an open period when students could meet with teachers, study with tutors, and work on projects. They had just 25 minutes to fan out across campus to do what they wanted to do during this last Falcon Time before final exams next week.

“Because we are a college prep environment, students need to know how to seek and get support and work with teachers outside of class time, said Mario De Ieso, Vice Principal of Academics. This is how we help facilitate it. It’s not a class time, it’s like college office hours.

Students jumped at the chance to clarify answers to their questions.

Some huddled with math teacher Linus Oey in his classroom, while others clarified concepts with science and computer programming teacher Kyle Voge. 

Drama students rehearsed scenes in the theater, conferring with drama teacher Michael Shelton when need be.

Students also got support from one another.

National Honor Society members tutored classmates in a variety of subjects in Room 116, and the Women in STEM club served up pancakes and syrup along with study tips in the science wing.

"Nothing like a little bit of carbs and sugar to help you get through the day," said science department chair and teacher Ms. Carie Coleman.

Students who just wanted stress release found it in the gym, where PE department chair and teacher Debbie Schuster dimmed the lights, laid out yoga mats, and led students in stretches and breathing exercises.

"It will allow their brains to be in a calm place as they tackle finals," she said.

Final exams start on Monday. Go Falcons!


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