One-Act Festival set for March 1

Girl talking to two people in chairs.
Playwright Anna McClow '19 directs actors in her one-act play, "The Last Day."
Lasallians will perform five student-written, directed, and produced one-act plays at 6 pm on Thursday, March 1, in the theater. The performance will make up for the one snowed out last week.
The La Salle One-Act Festival, the brainchild of English teacher Victoria McDonald and drama teacher Michael Shelton, will showcase the work of "wonderfully creative students who have a way with words, who use their words in a powerful, humorous, thoughtful way," said Mr. Shelton.
"We wanted to give them an opportunity to push beyond the words on a page and breathe life into those words through a performance," he said.

Students submitted 20 scripts to the competition; the following were selected to be staged at the festival: 
  • "Misfits" by Senamynn Akles '18, Rafael Alvarado '19 and Philicia Robinson '18. A story about what it means to be a friend and who your true friends are. Students will perform a staged reading. "As teenagers and high schoolers, we are often trying to fit in and please others that we can lose sight of who we truly are," Senamyn explained in notes about the show. "Our motivation was to get others to understand that you don't have to lose good friends to make new ones and that you should never lose yourself trying to be someone else." 
  • "Death" by Jasmine Bartel '20. A comedic re-telling of a high school girl who makes a deal with death and now has to manage some of the unexpected consequences. Co-directed by Jasmine Bartel and Isabella Derr '20. "The meaning behind this play is to not make assumptions," Jasmine wrote in notes about her work. "More specifically, about morbid titles like ‘Death.' 
  • "Deadbeat" by Annie Hoang '20. Directed by Annie Hoang. A dark comedy about three tired college students, a dead body, and an alcoholic ghost looking for his long-lost son. In notes about the play, Annie said the play was inspired by a pun that popped into her head. "The pun came in the form of this question," she explained. "What if someone’s deadbeat father was dead both in the severing-emotional-ties way and the literal-not-breathing way?"
  • "The Last Day" by Anna McClow '19. A comedy/drama that addresses bullying and teen suicide. Playwright Anna said the play is "a loose interpretation" of her experience being bullied while in middle school. "I want people to know that there are many sides to everyone," she said. "Not everyone's story is based on what they can see."
  • "The Curious Session of Mr. Pennywinkle" by Henry Pitzer '20. A mysterious man comes to the offices of Dr. Henry Jekyll for help. A dark comedy co-directed by Maren Kain '18 and Anna Kay '18. "I wanted to take a character from fiction and pair him up with a real-life threat -- Jack the Ripper," said Henry. "Who would win?" 
Tickets will cost $5 each at the door; La Salle faculty and staff attend free. All seats are General Admission.

Questions? Contact Michael Shelton
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