Want to help teens cope with anxiety? Expert says you need to listen.

It's no wonder today's teens are stressed.
Taking challenging courses, trying to get into college, and building a standout resume to get into college takes energy. So does managing friendships, playing sports, pursuing after-school activities, and navigating relationships amped up by social media.
During one of La Salle's recent Teen Topic Talks, Kevin Ashworth, co-founder, clinical director, and senior clinician of the NW Anxiety Institute in Portland, discussed how to help young people cope with anxiety.
A big way to help young people, he said, is to listen to them.
"Just tell them we hear them," he said. 
To hear Ashworth's presentation, click the videos below.
*You might need to turn up your volume in order to hear the speaker clearly. We apologize for the low-quality sound. Our camera battery also died at the end, but Part 4 is missing only a few words after the last question. 
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