Students work to raise $5,000 for school in Kenya

Lasallians are raising money for students at Mwangaza College in Kenya during Lent.
Mwangaza is La Salle's "twin," which Lasallians support with donations that buy supplies and other school necessities. The Student Council's Lenten fundraiser team hopes the school can raise $5,000 during Lent, said Director of Service Kelsey Peyton.
La Salle was paired with the college through an initiative of the Christian Brothers to match districts in need with districts capable of helping them out.
Schools in the Lasallian Region of North America are twinned with schools in Africa's Lwanga District.
Falcons can donate to Mwangaza several ways during Lent. They can buy $3 muffins every Friday before school and during Falcon Time. They also can donate money during Falcon Formation and Falcon Time. 
The grade that raises the most money will win an Easter egg hunt!
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