You can't always get what you want

Need a little support and motivation?
Pick up some in the Counseling Center.
How about gratitude? You can find it there, too.
In fact, you'll find a yellow bulletin board full of virtues and warm fuzzies -- such as "Perseverance," "Integrity," "Forgiveness," and "Hugs" -- written on a rainbow of sticky notes in the Counseling Center.
"TAKE WHAT YOU NEED," invites the board.
"LEAVE WHAT YOU CAN," responds a sign next to the board and above an envelope full of Sharpies and blank sticky notes.
La Salle's Mental Health Awareness Club and the Counseling team made what they call the "gratitude board" to inspire anyone who sees it.
"I hope all who walk by can take a minute to think of the things they may be missing," said counseling intern and Lewis & Clark College graduate student Alli Swift. "...and then, I hope people will add what they may think the community needs!"
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