See student works - and students at work -- tonight!

Lasallians will celebrate student work during its first Academic Showcase from 6-8 pm on Thursday, May 17.

The evening will give teachers, students, parents, and others in the community a chance to see much of the year's work through displays, demonstrations, and presentations. For example, art students will show their work, social studies students will debate issues, and science students will conduct experiments.

The evening takes the place of the traditional Academic Awards Ceremony; awards for excellence will be handed out during the showcase instead.

"We made this shift because we want the evening to be not only a celebration of grades, but a celebration of learning and growth," said Alanna O'Brien, vice principal of curriculum and professional development. "We want the community to see the work, not just the G.P.A."

Dessert will be served. Drop in and see what's been happening at La Salle!

Art by Ryan Fahlman-Katler ‘19

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