There's still room in next week's College Camp

Rising seniors can get help building a college wishlist, starting a Common Application, and writing an application essay, during Camp College at La Salle during the last week of June.

College counselor Andrea Flores and La Salle counselor Renee Giesemann will lead the workshop June 25-June 29. During the workshop, students will:

  1. Learn concepts such as fit and match, holistic admission reviews, and committee-based evaluation systems
  1. Write a resume, an essay that can be adapted for many application writing prompts, and sample responses to the common questions
  1. Create a student account and begin a Common Application and/or Coalition Application
  1. Prepare and practice for admission interviews
  1. Visit a public research university and a moderately selective private university
Camp hours are 9 am-noon June 25-28, and 9 am-4 pm  June 29.

Register here. Contact Ms. Giesemann with questions.

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