Before you head to college -- head to camp

Students can get help building a college wishlist, starting a Common App, and writing an application essay, during the 1-week Camp College at La Salle in June.

College counselor Andrea Flores and La Salle counselor Renee Giesemann will lead the workshop June 25-June 29.

During the workshop, students will:

  1. Learn key concepts such as fit and match, holistic admission review and committee-based evaluation systems
  1. Write a personal resume, a first-draft essay that can be adapted for many application writing prompts, and sample responses to the most common short questions
  1. Create a student account and begin a Common Application and/or Coalition Application
  1. Prepare and practice for admission interviews
  1. Visit a public research university and a moderately selective private university

Register here. Contact Mrs. Giesemann with questions.

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