Freshman earns gold in world martial arts contest

Reid Lindsay '22 earned three medals -- two gold and one silver --  during the Third World Taijiquan Championships held Sept. 25-Oct. 2 in Bulgaria.
Reid received awards in the following styles of the martial art taijiquan and taijijuan, also known as tai chi:
  • Gold in New Yang style taijiquan
  • Gold in New Yang style taijijian
  • Silver in Men's Simplified 32 Movements taijijian 
Reid started practicing tai chi around a year and a half ago. He said he enjoyed the serenity of the internal martial art in which practitioners do slow, deliberate movements.
"It is very peaceful and allows for my mind to wander and makes my body relax," he said. "I also wanted to do something more than just normal kung fu."
Reid studies martial arts at U.S. Wushu Center in the Pearl District of Portland. He takes up to six classes a week before major competitions, where judges score competitors on elements such as movement and flow.
Reid qualified for the contest in Bulgaria during a tournament in July. He spent the next two months learning new forms and practicing, all while becoming a first-year student at La Salle.
Martial arts aren't Reid's only talents. He also plays piano and wants to become a professional musician someday.
See Reid compete in the video below (fast forward to 2:06:30)
At right: Reid poses with his gold medal and his coach Master Jaimin Gao.
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