Students' art to be published in book

Thirteen La Salle students have been invited to publish their work in the Summer 2018 edition of “Celebrating Art,” a hardback color coffee table book featuring student art.

The students were invited to share their work after competing in the nationwide Celebrating Art Contest. La Salle artists invited to be in the book include:

  • Isabella Griffiths '19     
  • Brigid Hanley '19   
  • Annie  Hoang '20   
  • Talia Jeffrey '19   
  • Ana  Martinez '19         
  • Morgan Nebels '20          
  • Alyna Nguyen '21         
  • Gretchen Pauli '21           
  • Stella Sablan '20
  • Emma Sheets '19
  • Carolina Stahly-Dronkowski '21
  • Brooke Wycoff '20        
  • Caitlyn Young '19     
"Publishing the best art from our contest creates a record of what is important to today's students," book editor Thomas K. Worthen said in a letter to La Salle art teacher Cha Asokan. "Without this publication, student art is often lost at the bottom of a locker or never shared with others."
The book can be ordered online for $32.95.
La Salle is ranked as fifth among Oregon schools for having the most number of students whose art has been accepted in Celebrating Art's contests.
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