Falcon selected as Metro East finalist for Rose Festival court

Olivia Keepes '19 is one of four students selected as a finalist to be the Metro East area's "princess" on the Rose Festival Court this year.
Olivia, who is senior class president, a member of the National Honor Society, and a player on La Salle's varsity volleyball team, was selected after submitting a biography, sitting for an interview, and memorizing and delivering two speeches. One speech focused on her personal theme of compassion; the other illuminated the Rose Festival's theme, "Let's festival." Finalists were selected based on their character, communication, and presence.
"I'm just so grateful for the chance to be a part of the program, this Portland tradition," said Olivia. "The Rose Festival itself is just such an amazing organization that provides so many opportunities for young women in the Portland area." 
The Rose Festival's 2019 Metro East representative, who will be selected from the four Metro East finalists, will be announced during a ceremony at 2 pm on Tuesday, March 5, at The Standard Insurance Center in Portland. Family and friends may attend the announcement.
"I would be honored to represent the community of La Salle on the Court," said Olivia.
Each year the Portland Rose Festival invites 15 young women from Portland Metro-area high schools to serve as "princesses" on the festival's court. After they've been selected, the court visits community events, hospitals, businesses, senior living centers, youth organizations, and civic groups. They also appear in at least four parades - including the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade - travel all over Oregon, receive a $3,500 scholarship. They're also matched with a mentor.
After weighing each court member's leadership, scholarship, school activities, civic involvement, volunteer work, and communication skills, judges will choose one of them to serve as the "Queen" of that year's festival. La Salle hasn't had a queen -- yet.
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