ACT & SAT Testing

Note: Many colleges and universities will be test-optional for the upcoming school year. See a current list here
La Salle typically offers the PSAT to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders each year in the fall. Counselors typically recommend that most students take both the ACT and the SAT once during their junior year and then one of those exams, typically the one with the highest score, again as a senior. Students can also speak with their counselor about SAT subject tests.
Students can use this table to compare their ACT and SAT scores.

La Salle’s testing code is: 380678


Accommodations for SAT & ACT Exams
If you have a disability that affects how you test, you may be eligible for accommodations on your SAT or ACT exams. SAT accommodations must be approved, in advance, by the College Board. See the details here; for the ACT exam, see the details here. Contact your student's counselor if you will be requesting accommodations.



The ACT contains multiple-choice tests in four areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science, as well as an optional writing test. Individual scores are given for each part of the test on a scale of 1-36, plus a composite score (the average of the four scores). The ACT exam is approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes long (or 3 hours and 35 minutes with the Writing section). The ACT test preparation booklet can be found here which includes a full-length practice test and test-taking strategies.


Dates and registration information for the ACT exam can be found here. Information about ACT Fee Waivers can be found here.




The SAT consists of two sections, Math and Evidenced-based Reading & Writing (ERW). There is an optional Writing section. The Math and ERW are scored on a scale of 1-800, with a composite score of both sections (an average of the two scores). The SAT exam is approximately 3 hours long (or 3 hours and fifty minutes with the Writing section). Full-length practice tests can be found here.


Dates and registration information for the SAT exam can be found hereInformation about SAT Fee Waivers can be found here.


Additional SAT/ACT Test Preparation


Please note that this list is for your convenience and is not meant to serve as an endorsement of the programs listed. It is the student and parents’ responsibility to verify the quality, cost, and other factors about these programs.

Free Online Resources
Khan Academy: Free, online SAT preparation from College Board
ACT Academy: Free, online ACT preparation from ACT Student
Free Online Practice Tests (need Multnomah County Library Card). Search “LearningExpress Library” for practice tests and resources.
Chegg Test Prep for ACT and SAT
Area High School and Community College Classes
Oregon Episcopal School: SAT prep, summer. More information here.
Portland Community College ACT/SAT Preparation Courses. More information here
Saturday Academy: SAT/ACT and Test Preparation classes at area schools and locations. Contact: 503-200-5858
Portland Area Test Preparation Companies
College Bound Test PrepSAT and ACT preparation. Contact: Stephanie Short 503-591-0228 or Sarah Gardiner 503-341-5895
Huntington Learning CenterSAT and ACT preparation. 503-533-5700 (Portland); 503-524-4744 (Beaverton)
North Avenue Education: SAT and ACT preparation. Contact: 503-468-6905, email here.
Portland Tutoring Collective: SAT and ACT preparation. Contact: 503-238-8867 (Portland); 360-988-8867 (Vancouver) 
Sylvan Learning Center: SAT and ACT preparation. Contact: 888-338-2283
Stumptown Test Prep: SAT and ACT preparation. Contact: 503-246-4211

Private Test Preparation Tutors
John Lindgren: SAT/ACT preparation; Math tutoring. More info here; email here.
Teri Grigsby: SAT and ACT preparation; Math tutoring. More info here; email here.

Online Test Preparation Companies
KAPLAN: SAT and ACT preparation. Contact: 1-855-527-5269
The Princeton Review: SAT/ACT tutoring and online practice. Contact: 800-273-8439
PowerScore: SAT preparation: Contact: 800-545-1750

Saturday Academy

Portland Community College Offerings