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Our mission

La Salle Prep’s Counseling Department is committed to helping students realize their potential as they enter an ever-changing and demanding society. The counseling staff provides services that respect and honor the needs and dignity of each student. The services contribute to the development of the total person in a Christian academic community.

The Counseling Department is committed to:

  • Helping all students succeed academically.
  • Helping students make informed choices about their lives.
  • Helping students with personal problems that may affect their achievement, motivation or self-image.
  • Helping students develop an individualized college plan.

With the support and involvement of the La Salle Counseling team:

  • Students will understand study skills and prioritizing tasks, time management, group studying, project refinement, standardized test preparation strategies, as well as how to interpret results, transcripts, graduation/college entrance requirements.
  • Students will develop decision-making and healthy living skills, self-advocacy, an Academic Plan, and the career readiness skills of persistence and self-awareness.
  • Students will explore resources and support services, school and community involvement, college and career options. 
Our College Counseling Program Mission & Goals
The Counseling office at La Salle is the best resource for students to gather information about the college admissions process. La Salle Counselors seek to be a resource for all grade levels, providing opportunities for education, support, and awareness about each aspect of the college admissions and matriculation process.

Counselors will…
  • Build personal relationships with students and families to provide individualized support and motivation for students
  • Provide education, awareness, and assistance through workshops and other programs where students can gather important information essential to each aspect of the college admissions process.
  • Provide effective advisement to ensure that students and families are making informed decisions about college selection.
  • Serve as student advocate through letters of recommendation, secondary school reports, and other required means of student evaluation in the application process.
  • Commit to researching, establishing, and maintaining professional development opportunities and networks within the college admissions profession to provide students with informed information and resources.
  • Share information about the college research and application process with students and parents as well as disseminate information about college tests, upcoming college visits, and important deadlines.
  • Complete and expedite the processing of all required school forms that support a student’s college or scholarship application in a timely manner and by the published deadlines.