Welcome to La Salle's Forecasting Page

This isn't a page about predicting the weather - this is a page dedicated to helping you plan your future. Read what's here, consider what you want to study, then chart your course for the next school year!

How do you forecast? Follow these five steps:

1. Watch the video that applies to your class:

2. Review your forecasting sheet and FAQ about forecasting.

Forecasting sheet for 12th grade to come. (undergoing a revision now)
3. Check out the Course Catalogue.

4. Consider what you want to study. Here's a sample courseload:

Freshmen  Sophomores Juniors Seniors

1. Catholic Christianity/Intro to Sacred Scripture 

1. Christology & Paschal Mystery 1. Catholic Social Teachings/Catholic Moral Thinking 1. World Religions & Christian Lifestyle or Lasaillian Ministries or Faith & Media
2. English 1 2. English 2 2. English 3 2. English 4
3. World History 1 & Elective 3. World History 2 & Elective 3. U.S. History or AP U.S. History 3. Economics & U.S. Government or AP Gov/Econ
4. World Language or Elective 4. World Language 4. Elective 4. Elective (i.e. Math)
5. Mathematics 5. Mathematics 5. Mathematics 5. Elective (i.e. Science)
6. Physics 6. Chemistry or Honors Chemistry 6. Biology 6. Elective (i.e. Language)
7. PE / Health 1 7. Health 2 / PE 7. Elective
(Fine Arts/Speech COM)
7. Elective
(Do you have your Fine Arts, COM, PE credits done?)
5. Log into PowerSchool and sign up for your classes.
That's it!
If you have questions, contact your counselor or Vice Principal of Academics Mr. De Ieso.
Happy Forecasting!

Interested in AP US History?

In order for your placement to become official, you must print  and sign the form below that compares the expectations and requirements for AP U.S. History compared to the traditional U.S. History class. Have one of your parents sign the form, then return it to Mr. Hegarty. If you have questions, contact him via email or at 503-496-1748.

What's the difference between US History and AP US History?