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Welcome to La Salle's Forecasting Page.
This isn't about the weather -- it's about your future.
Review what's here, consider which classes you want to take, then
plot your course for next year!

First, download a Forecasting sheet:

      Class of 2022 Forecasting Sheets were sent to new students at their homes.


(Psst. Read this if you're a sophomore interested in taking AP US History.)

In order for your placement to become official, you must print off and sign the form below that compares the expectations/requirements for AP U.S. History compared to the traditional U.S. History class. Please have one of your parents sign the form, then return it to Mr. Hegarty. If you have questions, contact Mr. Hegarty via email or phone at 503-496-1748.

(And read this if you're a freshman interested in AP World History.)

In order for your placement to become official, you must print off and sign the form below. Please have one of your parents sign the form, then return it to Mr. Snow by April 12. If you have questions, contact Mr. Snow via email or phone at 503-496-1749.


Then, consider which classes to take. Below is a typical schedule; yours may vary.

Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year

1. Intro to Christology or Intro to Scripture & Sacraments

1. Christology & Paschal Mystery 1. Catholic Moral Thinking & Ecclesiology 1. World Religions & Christian Lifestyle or Lasaillian Ministries
2. English 1 2. English 2 2. English 3 2. English 4
3. World History 1 & Elective 3. World History 2 & Elective 3. U.S. History 3. Economics & U.S. Government
4. World Language or Elective 4. World Language 4. Elective 4. Elective (i.e. Math)
5. Mathematics 5. Mathematics 5. Mathematics 5. Elective (i.e. Science)
6. Physics 6. Biology 6. Chemistry 6. Elective (i.e. Language)
7. PE / Health 1 7. Health 2 / PE 7. Elective
(Fine Arts/Speech COM)
7. Elective
(Do you have your Fine Arts, COM, PE credits done?)


And keep these dates in mind this Forecasting season

23 Science honors applications due
6 English Honors and Advanced Applications due
9 Teachers make initial recommendations (if need be) in comment section of P4 Progress Reports in PowerSchool
13 Lasallian Ministries Applications Due
16  Forecasting info is presented in Falcon Time Friday. Registration Forms are handed out & short video shown
22  Parent Teacher Conferences 5:30-8:00pm
23 AP World and APUSH Applications due

Students put Forecasting in PowerSchool in the Computer Lab with help from counselors, Ms Staggs, Mr. De Ieso

5  Academic Forecasting Night for Class of 2022 (6-8 pm)
12 Math Level Proficiency Exam to determine placement 8am-12:30 pm (3 sessions)
14 Math Level Proficiency Exam to determine placement 4-5:30 pm
15 Math Level Proficiency Exam to determine placement 4-5:30 pm

Math Level Proficiency Exam to determine placement 4:30 pm NEW!


Math Level Proficiency Exam to determine placement 3:30 pm NEW!


World Language Placement exam 3:30 pm No Tech exams

15 Math Placement results sent to Class of '22

To help you put all this information into perspective, here's a little insight from your counselors ...

We want to make sure that, as students choose classes, they make wise choices in relation to the colleges they may be considering. Although we are cautious about giving one-size-fits-all advice, it is important to note that colleges are paying attention to the level of challenge in students' schedules.

Colleges want to know that a student has challenged him or herself in each subject based on ability and what's offered. Of course, it's also important for students to consider what they can manage. Also, we want to help students find opportunities to take electives.

Below are answers to questions students often ask when choosing classes. Contact your counselor if you have more questions.

       How many years of language should I take?

Selective colleges typically like to see at least 3 years of a language. Some require 4, others will accept 2. Most prefer continuous work in the same language (versus taking French 1, Spanish 1, German 1).

There will be students at La Salle for whom this does not apply, either due to their goals for college or their academic needs, but we want to make sure that the students are aware of the pros and cons as they make these choices.

Should I continue with math after I have met La Salle's requirement?

The most selective colleges prefer 4 years of math, no matter what the student plans to study. In addition, colleges at all levels may require high-level math of students interested in areas such as engineering, science, pre-med, and even business and nursing. Most admissions committees in these areas look for a minimum of Pre-Calculus. Other disciplines may accept math through Algebra II, but it's best to make sure. This recommendation is flexible based on college goals or academic situation, and a broader conversation could be appropriate.

For example, the University of Washington requires a math or quantitative science class in the applicant's senior year. Quoting from their website: 'The goal of this requirement is to have students take a meaningful math or quantitative course during the senior year so that their skills don't atrophy. More important, math opens doors: students who continue to study math throughout high school will find they have the widest choices when it comes to majors when they enter the UW.'

Is my schedule appropriate given the colleges that I am interested in?

Each student should talk with his or her counselor, if he or she hasn't already. Students should also look at college admissions websites for recommendations.

Should I take Honors/AP classes and, if so, how many?

Colleges seek students who have challenged themselves. That doesn't mean students must take every Honors and AP course offered at La Salle; it does mean that choosing an Honors or AP class is a good idea if it a student isn't already overloaded with work and other activities. Colleges also understand that some students take fewer courses in one area in order to take more in another subject.

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