Clearance & Registration

Clearance and Registration is open.  

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Athletic Clearance

To ensure your child is cleared and eligible to participate for the upcoming year, please complete the athletic clearance process. You will need your student ID number. Every athlete and at least one parent must visit La Salle's online athletic clearance website and submit the four electronic forms. They only need to be completed once per year with the exception of the sport selection form, which must be done prior to each sport season.

Some athletes will require a sports pre-participation physical and medical history exam before gaining clearance to participate. Read below for further instructions to see if you must receive a physical and medical history exam this year. 


Rank One Sport - La Salle's Online Athletic Clearance Website (REQUIRED OF ALL STUDENTS)

  • Parent/Student Athlete Handbook Acknowledgement - The purpose of this form is to ensure La Salle parents and student athletes have read, understood, and accepted the expectations and policies of La Salle’s athletic department. 
  • Concussion Private School Informed Consent - On an annual basis prior to participation, private schools shall require each student and at least one parent or legal guardian of the student to sign this form acknowledging the receipt of information regarding symptoms and warning signs of concussions. (Additionally, prior to participating in sports at La Salle, athletes complete a baseline test via ImPACT and if there is an injury during play, students will test again to compare results with the baseline. The baseline test lasts two years.)
  • Transportation Authorization - The purpose of this form is for parents to authorize La Salle, themselves and other parents to transport student-athletes to and from athletic practices and games. 
  • Sport Selection - Athletes are to select the sport in which they intent to tryout and/or participate. 
Physical Exam & Medical History Form (REQUIRED - see explanation below) 
Mail or deliver directly to school's main office between 8:30 am-3:30 pm on Monday - Thursday.
  • The Oregon Department of Education and Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) mandate students receive a physical exam every two years in order to participate in athletics during high school. They remain valid for two years from the date of the examination. Most student-athletes have a second physical during the summer prior to their junior year if they received an exam prior to the start of their freshmen year. If you wish to learn if your physical exam is still current, you may inquire by emailing Athletic Director, Chris George at cgeorge@lsprep.org.
  • The OSAA has additional resources regarding the physical examination.
  • For a list of local clinics who perform sport physicals, see below.