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Dare to Dream Grant

Dare to Dream is an internal grant fund that supports innovation at La Salle. Students can apply for a grant to fund an innovative project through a simple but competitive grant application process. Submission of an application does not guarantee a grant will be awarded.

Dare to Dream grant monies will be awarded to those whose aim is to:

  • Experiment with and practice the process of innovation.

For example but not limited to:

–Create a new product, program, social service, or message delivery.

–Define a new use for an existing product or technology.

–Use new communication techniques to reach a target audience.

  • Bring transformative opportunities into the La Salle or the broader community.

For example but not limited to:

–Organize and lead an event that adds value to the community.

–Define and design a better way to do something, an innovative process, for La Salle or the community.

Students can use many resources to hone their Dare to Dream ideas: utilize the internet to look for examples or talk to a teacher, parent, or outside expert.

If you have questions about the program, or if you wish to review an idea before submitting a grant request, please contact Andrea Burns. in the Advancement Department to arrange a meeting.


Examples of projects and equipment funded by Dare to Dream:

  • Café Justo

  • Youth Ending Slavery Club

  • Tinker Time

  • Camera Equipment for the Falconer

  • Guitar building sets for guitar classes

  • Food Science equipment

  • Fine Art Photography equipment

  • Screen Printing Business launch




Here's an example of a past LEAP project that may have been elevated had it been supported by this fund:

When he was a senior, Alex Petersen '15, developed an app that accounted for extra monies in an online purchase of stocks to offer opportunities for to do with the leftover small amounts of money in purchases. His app aimed to increase the amount of money in a stock purchase that went to investments. A Dare to Dream grant could have been used to help patent this idea and to create and implement a marketing plan for selling the app, etc.