Summer Session

2021 Summer Courses and Camps


La Salle Prep is offering academic classes, enrichment courses, and athletic camps for students in multiple grade levels this summer. You may register one student for multiple courses/camps per form submission. If you have questions, email Sue Pinto at


Athletic camps will be available for full and half days. Camp dates and times will be posted after April 15.

Course & Camp Offerings:

Algebra 1

Open to incoming 9th-10th graders
June 16–July 15; classes run Monday-Thursday, 8-11:30 am
Fee: $400, 0.5 semester credit
Instructor: Linus Oey & Caitlin Hoemmen


Open to incoming 9-10th graders, this course focuses on the second semester of Algebra I with special emphasis on factoring polynomials, solving quadratic equations and systems of equations, simplifying radicals and graphing lines and simple curves.  This course is designed for students who studied some Algebra I in 8th grade but did not complete all the topics or students enrolled in Algebra I in high school but earned less than a C.


World History II

Open to incoming 10th-11th graders
June 16–July 15; classes run Monday-Thursday, 8-11:30 am
Fee: $400, 0.5 semester credit
Instructor: Mike Doran


World History II is a semester-long course that focuses on the history of the Modern Middle East, the Rise of Democracy and World War II.  It examines the origins of modern day society and continues to explore basic geographical, sociological, political and economic concepts necessary for the study of all social studies courses.  Geography knowledge and skills as well as current world news events are emphasized throughout the course.  Discussion on current world news will be held to put historical events into perspective.  


Introduction to Sacred Space

Open to incoming 12th graders
June 15–July 7; *not a daily class, Mr. Hortsch will send out a calendar
Fee: $400, 0.5 semester credit
Instructor: Gary Hortsch


This summer session comparative religions course is designed to study the worship space of major religions of the world.  Students will visit Churches, Temples, Mosques and Gardens as places of prayer and worship from a variety of faith traditions in the metro area. If safety measures prohibit travel, guest speakers will visit the class and share wisdom and insights from different faith perspectives. 

Loom video overview by Mr. Hortsch:


Physical Education

Open to incoming 9th-12th graders
June 17–July 15; Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays (with independent work required), 12 pm - 2:30 pm
Fee: $400, 0.5 semester credit
Instructor: Aaron Hazel

In the general physical education course, students will be exposed to various activities focusing on lifetime physical fitness. These activities include but are not limited to tennis, jogging, resistance training, golf, Frisbee golf, etc. Students will participate in a blended class combining teacher directed lessons and independent learning. The course objective is to provide the students with a sustainable plan of lifetime physical fitness that works with their individual needs.


NOTE:  For credit courses, it is important to remember that each four-week summer school course is equivalent to an 18-week semester course, thus workload needs to be commensurate with the credit being earned in this course.  Attendance at summer school is paramount to student success.

Foundations in High School Writing

Open to incoming 9th-12th graders
June 16-July 8 (no class on July 5), 9-11:30 am
Fee: $300
Instructor: Greg Larson


Open to incoming and current La Salle students, this three week non-credit course lays a foundation for high school writing by leading students through an intentional and academic reading and writing process.  This course will cover foundational elements of every reading and writing based class at La Salle and in college: close reading and annotation, generating questions for class discussion and individual inquiry, prewriting, thesis generation, sentence structure and fluency, drafting essay paragraphs, as well as revision and editing.  We’ll develop a process to increase comfort confronting challenging texts as readers, and we’ll endeavor to galvanize a process for fostering excellence as writers with something meaningful to share.  In short: you’ll leave with more clarity, practice, and confidence as a reader and writer.


Writing the College Application Essay

Open to incoming La Salle 12th graders

August 23-26, 9-11:30 am

Fee: $150

Instructor: Monty Mickelson


The prospect of having to compose and submit a personal essay is, for many students, the most daunting aspect of the college application process.  Introducing yourself—your very best self—in a mere 650 words (or less) may seem like the literary equivalent of building a ship in a bottle. Writing the College Application Essay helps demystify this process and alleviates much of the anxiety young writers often bring to this task. Using a workshop format, the class will review successful essays on a broad range of topics and styles. Students will brainstorm ideas, and then commence drafting a personal essay that conforms to one of the Common Application prompts. During a revision phase, students will edit for tone and content while preserving their own authentic voice.



Summer College Application Class

Open to incoming La Salle 12th graders

Four 2-hour sessions available, August 24 or 25


Instructor: Alicia Magee


The class is designed for rising La Salle seniors to get begin preparing their college applications. Students will meet virtually to update their La Salle Scoir account, begin the Common Application, and learn how to request transcripts and letters of recommendation. All seniors are encouraged to register to attend one of the following sessions:
Session 1: August 24 • 9 – 11 am
Session 2: August 24 • Noon – 2pm
Session 3: August 25 • 9 am – 11 am
Session 4: August 25 • Noon – 2 pm