Summer Session

2020 Summer Courses and Camps


La Salle Prep is offering academic classes, enrichment courses, and athletic camps for students in multiple grade levels this summer. You may register one student for multiple courses/camps per form submission. If you have questions, email Sue Pinto at spinto@lsprep.org.



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Athletic camps will not be available in June or July. We hope to offer camps in August as state and local authorities allow. More information to come. 


Course & Camp Offerings:

World History II

ONLINE COURSE - Open to incoming 10-11th graders

0.5 semester credit, Fee: $350

June 22 (M) – July 16 (Th); classes run Monday – Thursday

Instructor:  Alex Lanaghan


World History II is a semester long course that focuses on the history of the Modern Middle East, the Rise of Democracy and World War II.  It examines the origins of modern day society and continues to explore basic geographical, sociological, political and economic concepts necessary for the study of all social studies courses.  Geography knowledge and skills as well as current world news events are emphasized throughout the course.  Discussion on current world news will be held to put historical events into perspective.


Introduction to Sacred Space

ONLINE COURSE - Open to incoming 12th graders

0.5 semester credit, Fee: $350

June 15 (M) – July 9 (Th)   *Mr. Hortsch will send out detailed calendar upon request

Instructor:  Gary Hortsch


This Religious Studies course will study architectural and interior design of Churches, Temples, Mosques and Gardens as places of prayer and worship from a variety of faith traditions. The experience will combine classroom research and presentations with field trips to various local ‘sacred spaces.’ Students will understand important stages in the history of sacred space, analyze the similarities and differences between Catholic and Protestant Church space, recognize and explain various architectural and interior elements of sacred space for Christian, Jewish and Muslim practice and evaluate the spiritual experience of gardens designed as sacred space.


Physical Education

ONLINE COURSE - Open to incoming 9 – 12th graders

0.5 semester credit, Fee: $350

June 23 (T) – July 23 (Th)

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Instructor:  Aaron Hazel


This course is designed to introduce students to a variety of physical activities aimed at developing their motor skills, while also building cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Students will engage in an active schedule that includes a personalized fitness program, personal activity & wellness log, as well as participate in weekly discussions centered around up-to-date research in the realm of personal wellness. This course will require active participation, individual determination, and a positive attitude.



NOTE:  For credit courses, it is important to remember that each four-week summer school course is equivalent to an 18-week semester course, thus workload needs to be commensurate with the credit being earned in this course.  Attendance at summer school is paramount to student success. 


Writing the College Application Essay

Open to incoming La Salle 12th graders

August 10 – 13, 9-11:30 am

Fee: $125

Instructor:  Monty Mickelson


The prospect of having to compose and submit a personal essay is, for many students, the most daunting aspect of the college application process. Introducing yourself—your very best self—in a mere 650 words (or less) may seem like the literary equivalent of building a ship in a bottle. Writing the College Application Essay helps demystify this process and alleviates much of the anxiety young writers often bring to this task. Using a workshop format, the class will review successful essays on a broad range of topics and styles. Students will brainstorm ideas, and then commence drafting a personal essay that conforms to one of the Common Application prompts. During a revision phase, students will edit for tone and content while preserving their own authentic voice.  


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and current state restrictions, athletic camps will not be available in June or July. We hope to offer camps in August as state and local authorities allow. More information to come. 
Potential offerings:
Boys Basketball
  • incoming 4-6th graders
  • incoming 7-9th graders
  • incoming 10-12th graders
Girls Basketball
  • incoming 4th-6th graders
  • incoming 7th-9th graders
Coed Tennis
  • ages 12 and under
  • ages 13-18
  • incoming 3rd-8th graders
  • incoming 9-12th graders
  • incoming 4-6th graders
  • incoming 7-9th graders
Boys Soccer
  • ages TBD
Girls Soccer
  • incoming 9-12th graders
  • incoming 1st-12th graders