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M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Innovation & Design Center

Students learn innovation and design in 'makerspace'

La Salle Prep students don’t learn just by reading and writing.

These days they also learn by building, constructing, and creating things in the school’s M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Innovation & Design Center, located next to the Hamersly Library.

Funded in part with a grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, the center -- often referred to as a "makerspace" -- is filled with 3-D printers, laser cutters, computer-driven routers, jewelry making tools, sewing machines, woodworking equipment, a large-format printer, and electronics equipment.

Since the center opened in late 2017, students have used it to help them to solve problems and understand concepts.

Hannah Kaufman ’19, for example, made a 3-D replica of a brain so she could better comprehend how it worked. The band’s brass section experimented with sound dynamics by making mouthpieces on the 3-D plastic and resin printers. Theater students sewed costumes, designed sets, and made props for the school play. Students from nearby grade schools have visited to conduct experiments. 

Creating and fostering an innovative mindset prepares students to make a difference.

"Through this work," said one of the center's founders, "students will become leaders with the vision and skills to turn ideas into realities to make positive changes that make life better for all."