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Math Placement Test Practice

Hello from La Salle's Math Department,

Below are several practice documents designed to help you get ready to take our math placement test in May. The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test, which will be given on campus, allows us to place you in the appropriate math class - one that will challenge but not overwhelm you!

We use these tools for placement:
  1. Your current teacher’s recommendation 
  2. The Math MAP Test you'll take in May
Below are four practice tests. Each is specific to the class described; for example, the geometry practice only includes geometry. A person who wants to test into geometry must show mastery of both pre-algebra and algebra.
  1. Pre-Algebra Practice: These are many of the skills you were taught in a regular eighth-grade math class. They will prepare you for Algebra One at La Salle.
  1. Algebra One Practice: If you are currently taking Algebra One and can do these problems well, you will be ready for Geometry in ninth grade.
  1. Geometry Practice: If you are currently taking Geometry and can do these problems well, you will be ready for Algebra Two next year.
  1. Algebra Two Practice: If you need a further challenge and want to be placed into Honors Algebra Two or Pre-calculus, these are for you. You are probably taking Algebra Two right now or doing some kind of self-study.

After you take the math placement test, you will receive an email in late May from La Salle informing you of your math placement. If you think we placed you incorrectly, please contact me right away. We have a summer class that covers the second semester of Algebra One that many students find helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Larry Swanson, co-chair of the Math Department

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