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English Courses

Creative Writing

10th-12th Grades • Semester, 0.5 Credit

This semester-long elective course, open to 10th -12th graders, is for both experienced and beginning creative writers. Students receive instruction, support and opportunity to develop their ability to write personal narratives, poetry, and short fiction. This is a Blended Online class. Must have strong organizational and self-management skills. Enrollment is limited to 15.


English I

9th Grade • Full Year, 1.0 Credit

English I establishes a foundation in both writing and literature allowing the student to continue to be successful during his or her high school career. Emphasis is placed on written communications skills as well as the various genres of literature. Through the study of mythology, poetry, the novel and short fiction students develop the reading skills needed for future courses. Special emphasis is placed on introducing students to the essay and reinforcing the basics of grammar and mechanics. Meets 1 credit of the English graduation requirement.


English II

10th Grade • Full Year, 1.0 Credit

The literature studied focuses on the idea of the hero, both ancient and modern, as well as the coming of age archetype. Through studying various novels and plays students will make connections across time and be able to see similar patterns in their own lives. The writing portion of the course includes the development of the thesis and the essay, along with various opportunities for creative expression. Editing and grammar skills are reinforced. Meets 1 credit of the English graduation requirement.


English II Honors

10th Grade • Full Year, 1.0 Credit

This course offers a venue for the skills and ambitions of students with a deep passion for English. Studies probe the mythic components and literary heritage more deeply and broadly, as students engage in discussion about the journey of the hero and the coming of age archetype. Students will continue to develop their writing skills through the essay as well as other forms of creative expression. Meets 1 credit of the English graduation requirement.


English III

11th Grade • Full Year, 1.0 Credit

This course immerses students in the study of U.S. literature. Students will be challenged to build upon reading and writing skills as they think critically about various themes that surface in around a current controversial social topic. In addition to reinforcing expository, narrative and persuasive writing skills, students will engage in a significant research project centered around an American novel. Meets 1 credit of the English graduation requirement.


AP English Language and Composition (AP English III)

11th Grade • Full Year, 1.0 Credit for La Salle / 4 Credits for CCC

AP English III, also known as AP English: Language and Composition, combines theory and practice of rhetoric, the writing process and the study of American Literature. By the course’s end, students will be able to apply the fundamentals of rhetoric as well as the tools necessary for college-level reading, critical thinking, and critical writing (i.e., students will write in a variety of discourse modes including expository, analytical, persuasive—as well as produce a literary research paper). Students will trace the origins of the American Dream and analyze the various ways the dream has been interpreted in society and literature and how these interpretations continue to


English IV

12th Grade • Full Year, 1.0 Credit

Designed to analyze the various ways in which the literature of the world discusses the human condition and to explore the reader's experience with the text-based upon what he or she brings to the text from his or her life. Students use a selection of themes to approach texts from diverse cultures in an effort to understand the differences and similarities across time period and place. In addition, students will demonstrate knowledge of literary terms as they apply them to the literature being studied; continue to develop their writing abilities concentrating foremost on organization, development, and voice; and uphold grammar, punctuation and capitalization standards in writing. Meets 1 credit of the English graduation requirement.


AP English Literature and Composition (AP English IV)

12th Grade • Full Year, 1.0 Credit for La Salle / 4 Credits for CCC

Designed to present elements of literature found in the short story, the novel, the poem, the drama, and the essay of various time periods in Europe and the U.S. These elements are the basis for oral and written discussion and analysis. In addition, this course will prepare students for the AP English Exam in Literature and Composition. Students moving into this course from Honors English 3 are also encouraged to take the AP English exam in Language. Depending on the AP exam score, some colleges will transfer in college credits or count it as completion of a pre-requisite. Additionally, students are able to earn 4 college credits by enrolling in Writing 121 through Clackamas Community College as part of La Salle's agreement with CCC. There is a separate enrollment and fee for these credits which transfer to many colleges and universities. Meets 1 credit of the English graduation requirement.


Journalism and Advanced Journalism

10th-12th Grades • Full Year (1.0 Credit) or Semester (.5 credit)

Students in this course publish the online school newspaper, The La Salle Falconer. Students study and practice all aspects of digital journalism and publishing, including writing, editing, and photojournalism. Freshmen may take Journalism, but only with instructor approval. Students in Advanced Journalism are editors of The Falconer and also manage The Falconer's social media channels; instructor approval and at least an A- in Journalism are prerequisites.